Important Note on Coronavirus / COVID-19

Hi all,

We hope you're well! The Fledging team wanted to send a quick note updating you on our plans regarding Coronavirus.

This is a serious matter and people come first, always. 

We've seen a lot of chatter about people's individual choices. We get that. But, illness is a community situation. Choosing exposure for yourself might mean choosing to accidentally expose people who didn't make that same choice. We're stronger when we all think about each other. 

Here is an incredible real-time tracker to help you, your family, your community, and your business understand what's going on as it happens. We believe that knowledge is powerful - it keeps people safe while preventing panic. 

We're focused on continuing to provide premium electronics to everyone only in the safest way possible. As such, we're preparing for the unlikely but possible event that fulfillment is interrupted.

Primarily, we're shifting the majority of our stock to Amazon FBA so that the world's best distributor can work their magic. 

Our values include treating others how they want to be treated, and being humble. 

Others don't want exposure to unnecessary risk. And it's anything except humble to assume we can totally avoid something that the world's best and brightest are fully focused on wrangling.

We'll continue to run phone and email support per our usual hours. Email us at [email protected]. Call us at 205 240 6047Laura's here to help!

Please note that, if Fledging does believe at any time that we should suspend operations for the sake of the safety of our team and community, we will. People first. 

Thanks so much for your understanding. We look forward to continue bringing premium electronics to everyone. 

Fledging Team