Simple Solutions: 4 Quick Ways to Make Remote Working Work for You!

How are you adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic? Outside of the initial stress that is present in this time, we are assuring you still have the power to thrive and excel! We’re here to show you how!

We’ve listed 3 quick tips for how you can maximize your productivity, establish your dream desk workspace, and set a proper routine to help establish work/life balance.

1- Have one designated area for working. Allocate one space in your home to use exclusively as a workspace. If you need any help with organizing your space, definitely check out our latest blog post on organizing a home office. A benefit to working from home is that you can create your dream environment by decorating your workspace with your personal unique style. Be sure to share your #DreamDesk using the hashtag on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

2- Set solid work hours. Maintaining work/life balance is hard enough as is, so be sure to practice setting solid work and down time to optimize your productivity. Keeping your traditional schedule is a great way to adjust to the transition of being at home. Taking adequate breaks after stretches of working can stimulate your mind to invoke an increase in productivity. Replacing your water fountain breaks with short walks outside or brief exercises to really incorporate some healthy additives to your day.

3- Set To-Do's! It is scientifically proven that you are more productive when you write out a task list for things to accomplish. This can help with productivity, scheduling, and functionality as you work through your list. Our favorite tool to keep up with project management is Trello. The mobile app simplifies keeping track of your daily tasks. If you’re more of a pen and pad type of person, grab your sticky notes and pen to create your at home task board!

4- Update and restore! When was the last time you cleaned your workspace? Is your equipment up to date? Quarantine grants us the perfect time to organize and upgrade equipment like laptops and desktops. Using a MacBook? Did you know our Feather series internal SSD is the fastest replacement SSD for Apple devices on the market? If you need more storage space, check out which Feather device would work best for your device.

How are you handling the pandemic? How is it affecting your daily routines? Share your experience with us on Twitter with #FledgingCares