Meet Samuel Young, Fledging’s Commercial Operations Specialist

Meet Samuel Young, Fledging’s Commercial Operations Specialist 


How do you find your way from Hospitality Management to Operations support at a hardware startup? Naturally, by way of Procurement, Sourcing, and know the best wines. Take a minute to learn about Samuel’s unique path to Fledging… and why we’re so happy to have him on the team.


Tell us a little about your history

I went to Auburn University for Engineering but found out that math and I don’t get along. Then I found Hospitality Management because I love food and talking with people and figured that we’d always need good places to eat. I thought opening a restaurant one day would be awesome.


Oh cool. What kind of restaurant?

Homestyle. My family has some great recipes. The menu would’ve centered on the recipes my family created. But I realized the restaurant industry wasn’t where I wanted to be, so I explored my business minor background. That’s where I found Procurement and Sourcing. It wasn’t always awesome but had a good mix of desk and analytical work and people work, so I stuck with it.


So how did you come to Fledging?

Dan Pointer, 100%. I applied for the Operations Specialist role back last summer and advanced pretty far but didn’t get the offer. I mentioned during my first interview that I love the team and structure, and that if you can stand behind the product you’re making then you’re probably in the right spot. That all was true even though I didn’t get the role. So I kept after it.

Fledging posted a role for the Customer Success Manager this winter and I applied again and made it far again, but didn’t get the offer. But Fledging then reached out to me right away for a brand new role, the Commercial Operations Specialist. One week and a quick final interview later, and I joined the team the same day as the Customer Success Manager, Laura.


What does a Commercial Operations Specialist do at a growing hardware startup?

Right now, I’m learning to run one of our online sales channels and dabbling in Fledging’s new Direct Sales capability. To be fair, I’ve only been here a couple weeks so I’m still learning exactly what I’m doing.


What’s the most interesting thing about working at Fledging?

Everything is constantly changing. It’s not like we change small things like where the file cabinet goes. We change fundamental processes. It’s terrifying and awesome at the same time.


What’s the most challenging thing about working at Fledging?

See above.


What’s a fun fact about you?

You know the very beginning of the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” with all the really big houses? That’s my home town. But the entire rest of the movie was shot in Georgia. I’m also a Level 1 Sommelier.


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