Exploded diagram of Shell Slim: Circuit board pulled out with m.2 nvme SSD attached at an angle. Background consists of Shell Slim casing

Installation Process

  1. Use the screwdriver provided by Fledging to remove screws 1 and 4.
    1. Note: These screws are ultra tiny!
  2. Install M.2 SSD into the NVMe socket at 2.
    1. It’s best to insert at an angle, as in the image above, and then press down.
  3. Fasten SSD screw at 3 and adjust your SSD screw location if you used an SSD shorter than 2280.
  4. Put back in the circuit board and fasten screws 1 and 4.
Side-by-side comparison of Shell Slim Circuit board and different m.2 nvme ssd sizes

How to Format Your SSD

See the following articles on how to format your SSD in Shell Slim: