Power Data Cable Compatibility Guidebook

Please note that this list is designed to help you know what to look out for with regard to Power Data Cable's compatibility

Does this work with my Surface Book 3 and Shell Thunder?

No. Shell Thunder requires a Thunderbolt 3 connection. The Surface Book 3 does not support 40 Gbps; thus, Shell Thunder will not power on.

However, our product does work as a well built USB-C cable with full support of 10Gbps data transfer speed and 45W charging (limited by Surface, not the cable). This cable will be future-proof for all potential 40Gbps devices you might have, at least for the next 10 years.

Does this work my Aero 15X V8?

No. While it does work with Aero 15X V8’s full 40Gbps data transfer, Aero 15X V8 is unable to charge. Despite our cable appearing to be compatible, it will not work.

Does this work with my OnePlus 8 phone?

Yes. OnePlus 8 has a USB-C port. This is one of the best USB-C cables you can buy with full 10Gbps data transfer rate and charging. However, because OnePlus 8 does not have a 40 Gbps port, it cannot match the anticipated max data transfer and charging speeds.

Does this work with my eGPU?

We don't know yet! If you try our cable with your eGPU, we'd love your feedback!

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