How are you conquering quarantine?

Does Quarantine have you down? Is this extra time at home forcing you to clean out every closet in your house? Us too! We wanted to send you a gentle reminder that this is a season of life where all of us are doing the best we can and you’re doing amazing! Below you will find 3 ways to conquer quarantine! Dropping in with tips for staying sane and productive with some refreshing activities!

1- Be patient! 

Patience is the ultimate key to keeping your sanity in check. Usually, that concept is easier said than done. This quite has definitely helped me persevere through challenging times: “Rome was not built in a day.” That simple quote speaks volumes to how we as people naturally want to rush and speed things up. This quarantine has been Earth’s “reset”.

Here are more things you can also do to help balance your mind as you continue to adjust to this new normal.

2- Healthy Activities

Regularly participating in healthy activities such as exercise, yoga, pilates, or hiking during quarantine is a great way to stimulate your mind for a day of hanging around the house. It is easy to become bogged down and mentally “cramped” if too much time is spent without fresh air. We mentioned in our blog "4 Quick Ways to Make Remote Working Work for You" blog how productivity is best achieved in intervals. Hiking is a great inclusive way to incorporate exercise and mental stimulation without exhausting your energy, in most cases. What are some of your favorite healthy activities?

Below you’ll find the last and best tip we have for how you can conquer Quarantine.

2- Try New Things

This is the perfect time to start that project you’ve been putting off, or pick up that hobby you’ve been wanting to master. Lots of people are turning to the arts and crafting hobbies, but with technology increasing its prevalence in our daily lives, understanding the basics of coding, or even just knowing how to upgrade your computer can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars while giving you a skill that opens endless possibilities. Fledging has the perfect solution for individuals interested in learning more about upgrading computers. Our feather product line is the easiest installation for a laptop, it doesn’t matter if you are a tech novice. Definitely check out our line here if you’re interested in upgrading your computer with 5 easy to follow steps.