A Quick Note from our Customer Success Manager

Hey y'all,

In a world where people tend to avoid jobs in customer service, I’d like to explain why I am so excited to be the Customer Success Manager at Fledging. I have always taken joy in helping others by troubleshooting to solve their problems and empowering them to do the same. I also enjoy technology, innovation and collaboration. 

Having spent the last several years piecing together how this should look for me professionally, Fledging’s birds' nest is the perfect marriage of those passions and strengths. 

Even better, it is an opportunity to spread my wings and fly like never before. Customer service is hard. It’s often defensive and sometimes belittling. 

Customer success is strength. It’s transparent and empowering. For me, taking flight with Fledging means putting tools in place to transform your experience as a customer, learning about you, creating products you want and need, and giving you the tools necessary to better fly on your own.

I can’t wait to take flight with each of you!


1 (205) 240-6047

[email protected]