Quality Engineer

Birmingham, AL - Full-Time

Fledging is on a mission to provide premium electronics for everyone, starting with storage products. Our products have served 25,000+ customers in over 96 countries across 6 continents. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the best path to achieve our mission. We are based in Birmingham, AL and are always looking for hard-working people to add to our team! Learn more at www.fledging.net. Take flight!


Fledging’s list of products is quickly growing, and we need someone to lead Quality and User Experience once the product enters the market. You will work under the Product and Customer Success teams to manage the lifecycle of our product lines, beginning with Feather SSD. Your focus will be improving the hardware user experience via design, testing, quality assurance, and technical support. At the end of the day, you will be directly responsible for the product line’s ongoing technical success.

Fledging’s values are:

  1. Innovate what people love

  2. Treat others how they want to be treated

  3. Be humble



In our growing engineering organization, you will be able to impact the continuous improvement in our hardware products life cycle. You will get to work alongside others who have a heart for hardware. Starting with Feather SSD, you will work closely with a cross-functional team such as product development, operation, customer success to ensure our products’ quality.

As you demonstrate mastery of your first product line, we’ll work together to evaluate new product lines for you to manage. This role could mature to become a Product Portfolio Manager with several related products in scope, or even to design new products. 

Quality is crucial to achieve our mission of making premium electronics for everyone. We’re excited to bring someone on board who will be pivotal in building out this function and ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality products.


If you love tinkering with hardware then you will love working at Fledging. Join us as we solve our customer’s problems with innovative and best-in-class hardware solutions. You will be able to work with our other engineers on the Product team, partner with our Customer Success team to use direct feedback from customers, and directly report to our CEO for your first three months.


  • General skills

    • A driven and eager-to-learn new grad or a professional with existing experience who enjoys taking things apart to see how they work and has a soft spot for hardware

    • A diligent debugger who loves to solve for the core issue while sorting through noise and working with incomplete and early information

    • A knack for asking great questions to uncover problems to solve

    • A team-player attitude with a strong desire to work collaboratively

    • A commitment to completing the work by implementing your solutions throughout our supply chain

    • Curiosity around the question: "How can we make our products better?"

    • A desire to learn, grow, and get in on the ground floor of a top startup with sustained growth

  • Technical Skills

    • B.A or M.S with computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or related degrees is required

    • Experience with CAD modeling and heat transfer is preferred

    • Deep understanding of computer storage devices and macOS is preferred

    • Understanding of Six Sigma concepts is preferred

    • Project experience or taken courses in developing software and hardware integration (such as IoT, Raspberry Pi or Arduino) is a plus

    • Full stack development experience is a plus


  • Complete our 3-day on-boarding program

  • You’ll learn about all aspects of the business alongside our cross-functional team

  • You will meet your team mentor who will you will shadow under and learn from so you can get situated into your new role

  • Get 1:1 with everyone on the team so you can learn more about everyone personally and professionally

  • Complete training to learn how to access and use all internal tools, including Google Apps, Slack, Dropbox, Airtable, and other role-specific tools

  • You will be familiar with the standard QA and testing process to devise useful insights on failure patterns

  • You will be intimately familiar with the specifications for our Feather SSD product line

  • You will be familiar with the specifications on the hardware and software of our products

  • You will begin your cross-functional rotation with Product, Production, and Customer Success


  • You will master the in-depth knowledge on the hardware and software of our Feather SSD product line

  • You will have a working knowledge on the hardware and software of our other product lines

  • You will become the primary source for high-level technical knowledge for Customer Success and will routinely partner with this team to anticipate problems and upgrades

  • You will serve as the bridge for the overseas Product team, translating customers’ feedback into technical improvement suggestions

  • You will lead the improvements of Feather SSD product line

  • You will transition to the Product team, reporting to our founder/Director of Growth

  • You will have completed your cross-functional rotation with Product, Production, and Customer Success


  • Have contributed significantly to reduce the return rate of Feather SSD by thoroughly studying and documenting the product’s lifecycle, limits, and opportunities, and implementing those opportunities where possible

  • Have contributed significantly to at least one line improvement for Feather SSD

  • Have created new process and tools to monitor and automate quality assurance for the team

  • Have met our internal goals for Feather SSD and have matured to become a portfolio manager to plan and implement new features in multiple product lines

  • Become a senior member of the team, helping onboard, train and mentor your peers

  • Prove to us that you’re ready for the next step in your career to grow into new opportunities and responsibilities with us


Want to apply? Send an email with your resume, cover letter, and three references to [email protected]

Specifically, please submit a 1-page PDF copy of your resume, a cover letter explaining your interest in the role, and 3 professional references email and phone numbers to [email protected] using the subject line “Your Name - Quality Engineer". Incomplete applications will not be considered.



Send us an email at [email protected] to stay in touch. We’ll let you know when we have new positions on our team.



We are committed to equal opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, gender identity, genetic information, parental or pregnancy status, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or veteran status.

*** If you are not sure that you’re 100% qualified, but are up for the challenge - we want you to apply. ***