1. Will my smartphone's case interfere with the wireless charging? Every case is different but in general, cases less than 0.20 inches / 5mm thick should always charge.
  2. Which ports are the most powerful? Spruce power-balances across all 4 ports. The USB-A port will never be affected by the USB-C ports. The first USB-C port, as you look at the front of the charger, is always prioritized to provide the most power. If in doubt, plug the device that needs the most power until the C1 port.
  3. Are the ports prioritized by power? Yes. See the Tech Specs section for a detail chart showing every possible configuration of ports with wattages.
  4. Will my charger become hot? Likely not. GaN is very efficient and the Spruce is built to stay cool. Contact us if your charger becomes hot and we will replace it. Please note that if you're charging many devices at once for a long time, the charger may become about as warm as the palm of your hand (but not hot).
  5. Can I wirelessly charge multiple devices at once? No, Spruce can only wirelessly charge one device at a time.
  6. My charger isn't keeping up with my devices. What's going on? First, check your cable connections. Second, check your cables - some third party cables don't do a great job. Third, check your consumption. Spruce is powerful, but if you're heavily using 2 or more devices while charging, you might be using too much power at once. Think about too much power as "Me and a friend are actively editing videos at the same time while also using the other 2 ports". If none of that works, contact us so we can fix this with you.

You can also view our Spruce Support section for more information.