When Will We Ship Your Spruce?

The earliest estimated shipping date is 10 November 2021 (prev. 7 September 2021).

Fledging ships USPS for USA and FedEx for Global.

USA customers will receive their Spruce 3-5 days after we ship.

Global shipping times depend on your country.

Fledging cannot pay or manage any taxes, imports, or customs related to your purchase.

We will contact you to confirm shipping costs after the Early Access event ends, if the Free Shipping awards aren't achieved.

What's the Benefit of Buying Spruce Today?

Great pricing. Free shipping. And a chance to pay $0 for your Spruce.

Top text: Save big with early access pricing. Left to right of ascending tiers: first 1,000 units sells at $80/unit, second 1,000 units sells at $90/unit, third 1,000 units sell at $100/unit, and all units after the pre-sale are sold at $125/unitSave $35 during our Early Access Event.
Top text: How to earn free shipping. Three green bullet points. Step one: Share this product with your friends and family to help us! That's it! USA Customers: Receive free shipping when we sell 1,500 units of Spruce. Global customers: Receive free shipping when we sell 2,500 units of Spruce.Tell your friends to buy Spruce so that we can give you free shipping!
Top text: How to earn a free Spruce. Three green bullet points. Step one: One referral equals 10 dollars. Step two: Refer nine friends. Step three: That's it! Your ninety dollar Spruce is now free!Check your email for a message from ReferralCandy after you buy your Spruce.
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