If You Have a Cable, Your Device Will Probably Charge

There are no compatibility requirements for the 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A ports.

If you have a USB-C cable then you can charge.

If you have a USB-A cable then you can charge.

Spruce works will all popular conversion cables, such a USB-C to Lightning or USB-C to DC.

We balance the ports so that even if you're using all 4 ports at once, each receives plenty of power to charge most mobile devices.

USB-C Charging Works with Most Popular Laptops

Sample laptop compatiblity list: 2016+ MacBook; HP Chromebook; Lenovo ThinkPad; Dell XPS; ASUS Zenbook; MSI; Microsoft Surface; Samsung Galaxy Book

Wireless Charging Works with Most Popular Brands and Devices

iPhones charge at 7.5W. Pixels charge at 10W. Galaxy phones charge at 10W. OnePlus phones charge at 10W. All other Androids charge at 10W.

Wireless Charging and Case Thickness

For best results, do not charge while using a case.

Spruce will charge well through cases up to 0.08 inches or 2mm thick.

Cases greater than 0.20 inches or 5mm may not allow charging.

No case for best results. Less than 2 mm cases will not slow down. 2-5 mm might slow down. Greater than 5 mm will slow down.