Spruce Wireless Charging FAQs

Will Phone Cases or Grips Interfere with Wireless Charging?

The wireless pad will typically work with all cases; however, particularly thick cases or accessories may require charging with a wired connection.

Cases less than 0.20 inches / 5mm thick should always charge. Mophie cases do not allow wireless charging.

Wireless Charging Speeds vs Wired Charging Speeds

The wireless charging pad provides 10 watts.

The rate of charging using the wireless charging pad is limited only by the user’s device. Most smartphones limit the amount of charge that can be accepted (e.g. iPhones are limited to 7.5 watts).

A smartphone case will reduce the wireless charging effectiveness.

Does Spruce Make a Sound When the Phone Is Placed on the Charging Pad?

No. The Spruce is silent.

Can I Charge My Apple Watch Wirelessly?

No. Apple Watch requires a special magnetic charging cable, which can be attached to one of Spruce's four wired ports.

Can I Charge My Tablet Wirelessly?

Yes, if your tablet has wireless charging built into it. The compact, and easy to transport nature of Spruce makes the wireless charging pad ideal for cell phones, but some tablets can also use the pad. Tablets can always be charged by plugging in to one of Spruce’s four wired ports.

Will My Tablet Fit in the Wireless Cradle?

We do not recommend it as your tablet might fall over. Depending on the tablet and case, it might fit on the wireless cradle, but for optimal wireless charging, recline the wireless pad until it’s flat and place the tablet flat on the wireless pad.

What Does the Front Light Mean?

  • Blue light flashes once when wireless charging starts.
  • Blue light is always on when wireless charging.
  • Blue light turns off when wireless charging is complete.
  • Red light flashes when you need to reposition your device on Spruce's wireless charging pad.