Spruce Charger Safety FAQs

Will Spruce Overcharge My Phone or Other Devices?

No. The Spruce has been specifically designed to not overcharge devices. Also, most modern devices are designed to stop receiving a charge when the battery is full.

Does Spruce Have Overheating Protection?

Yes. The Spruce has been designed to prevent overheating. The GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductor also significantly reduces this issue.

Contact us if your charger becomes hot and we will replace it. Please note that if you’re charging many devices at once for a long time, the charger may become about as warm as the palm of your hand (but not hot).

What Safety Certifications Does Spruce Have?

Can the Blue Power Light Be Shut Off?

No. The blue power light is a safety feature and is always on while your Spruce is plugged into the wall.

Is Spruce Made in the US?

The Spruce Charger was designed in the United State and it is assembled overseas.