What is an SSD?

We know Fledging sells them, but what are they actually?

SSDs or solid state drives are revolutionary hard drives that are used by computers and gaming consoles to deliver lightning fast speeds and increased storage capacity. If you’re familiar with HDD, the storage solution for most older computers, then know that SSDs work for most newer computers. Solid state drives are used for replacement or upgrade solutions for computers when the proprietary drives are slow and out of storage, or when the original drive fails.

Simply put, in the event that your computer is on the brink of a “Total Knockout” due to longevity, or you would like to keep your personal/work data separate f

Our SSDs are great for internal and external storage solutions and work well in industries such as creative professions, gaming, mechanical or software engineering, and finance. SSDs grant you the freedom to work on your projects without fear of slowing your computer down with heavy data or losing your important data. Fledging Feather SSDs provide a cost effective solution for an Apple upgrade perfect for students, business and creative professionals. 

If you are interested in upgrading your speed and storage at a reasonable cos

rom what is housed on your computer, an SSD could be just what you need.

Is there a difference in SSDs?

SSDs are commonly used as storage solutions for computers. Here at Fledging, we make SSD exclusively formatted for Apple computers. Our drives are specifically designed and equipped with the current operating systems and can be best matched based by your computer's EMC (four-digit number found on the bottom of your Mac). Our drives perform at lightning fast speeds, are the most affordable Apple SSDs on the web, and include a warranty for your security. Unfortunately, our warranty doesn't ensure our drives are durable - rather that if it fails, we stand behind our product and will gladly replace it. Visit our Find Your Feather Tool to choose the best SSD for your computer.

What could I use an SSD For?

If you are interested in upgrading your speed and storage at a reasonable cost, check out our storage devices to find your perfect match. 

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