Simple Solutions: How to Organize a Home Office

In lieu of COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of people are currently being asked to work from home. The routine and organization of being physically present in the office has lots of pros and cons, which is why this discussion is emerging as a topic of debate for people everywhere. While some prefer the working space of an office, others prefer the convenience of working from home.

Regardless of your preference, we at Fledging have gathered some awesome tips for you to use while organizing your home office. Whether you are “social distancing”, a remote rookie or professional remote worker, these tips are sure to help you spring your home office into shape and lead you toward a productive work flow!

First Step: Choose a Premium Location

When choosing an area for your home office, be sure to choose a location in your home which contains adequate lighting and enough ports to sustain your computer, phone, printer, or any other devices you may use in your workflow. Lacking ports? Check out our new charging device VITE to save the day with 2 USB-C and 1 USB- A port.

Step 2: Purge and Categorize

It is very important to keep a clear workspace! It may help to classify nonessential papers older than 1 year, trash. Simply put, studies have shown that a clear workspace will promote productivity. Got papers or files you’d like to keep? An easy way to organize your papers or files is by grouping life categories and placing important documents in there. With stackable storage containers, your binders can go inside and can be stacked out of sight to create the uncluttered aesthetic we are all constantly chasing. Sticker labels are a great and simple way to categorize your containers.

Step 3: Accent Your Space!

Once you’ve got your clear workspace and categorized files, it’s time to add your aesthetic details into the space! During this social distancing season, online shopping makes cross functional and design focused storage an optimal solution for your revamping your home office. Add the perfect accent and add a candle! Accent your space with plants, art, or a super sleek lighting fixture and voila!

Step 4: Final Touches!

Now that your home office is now completely organized, take a deep breath and relax because you did it! You now have achieved a nice and organized home office to stay productive and busy during quarantine!