Why work directly with Fledging?

Your 10-second summary: Register a Partnership account, start saving 10% right away, jump to the front of the Fulfillment line, have a real person to contact, and fix your customers’ Macs using a reliable, easy-to-install, market proven SSD upgrade) 


You’re a busy human. Running a repair shop, fixing Macs all day, having a life outside of the shop. You don’t have time to worry. The solid state drives you buy for the Macs you upgrade, repair, or refurbish need to show up on time, at a fair price, work right out of the box and keep working for so long that your customers forget they even had a warranty.

Not everyone offers that. Fledging does. 

Sure you could shop online. But that’s a lot of time spent reading listings, comparing prices, figuring out who offers what, and worrying when it’s going to show up. 

If you’re buying from Amazon then you know you’re paying a premium because of all the fees Amazon charges the supplier: 8% commission on electronics, plus $3 for Prime shipping, plus up to 20% for pay-to-play “voluntary” advertising

Where does that expense go? Straight to you (we don’t like it any more than you do)

What about big distributors? You never know when your next Mac will walk in the door. Why worry about monthly contractual spending commitments? Your business isn’t built for corporate contracts - it’s built for serving your community and earning a profit, period. 

And what about support? No one likes to call a hotline to yell at a robot that thinks you’re trying to order a pizza when you really said, “I want to speak to a person!” You don’t look forward to that any more than you look forward to arguing with the supplier because the SSD they shipped showed up late, or broken, or quit working, or just didn’t show up. 

We’re living in the future. You deserve better. You can have the best of all worlds, in one place: www.fledging.net 

What do we offer? Well, just about everything.

Want solid state drives that get the job done? That’s us. Each is pre-loaded with macOS High Sierra and comes with the tools needed for the install. Feather SSD is built for most Macs 2010 to 2016, and several models as late as 2019. Check out our Amazon listings to see reviews from hundreds of delighted customers. We work hard to learn from our mistakes, too. When a Partnership shop speaks up, we listen. 

Want to save money, today? You got it, with a 10% discount the day you create an account, and deeper discounts as our businesses grow together.

Effortless ordering? Sure thing. Just log in, check out, and watch your SSD arrive in a couple days. Skip the negotiations and go straight to the savings. 

Priority fulfillment? Don’t end up in a random Fulfillment queue. We ship within 24 hours but can ship faster for urgent orders to match your business’s needs.

A real, live Account Manager to talk with? Sam and Travis are delighted to work with you. One of them will be your permanent contact for all things pricing, orders, fulfillment, questions… ask them anything!

And what about when things go wrong? We work hard to avoid that but it happens sometimes. And Laura is on deck to help! Partnership customers are at the top of her queue, just like Fulfillment. 

Referral credits? We would love to meet your friends (in non-competing territories, of course). Refer another repair shop who creates an account and places an order with us and we’ll give you $250 in store credit… per referred shop!

Exclusive Fledging news? We’re on it. You’ll be the first to hear from the Fledging team with product updates, new partnership opportunities (like testing products for additional discounts), or sales and promotions… all before they hit the market!

Here’s how we see it: The better we serve you, the more customers you serve, the more money you earn, the more money we earn, the better we serve you. 

And this is all personally backed by me, Fledging’s CEO. I run our Channels teams. Sam, Travis, and Laura have 24/7 access. Very little matters more to us than growing our relationships with repair shops like yours. 

Visit our Partnerships page to sign up for an account today and start saving 10% on your very next SSD order. 


Here’s hoping you sign up so that we can take flight together.