Upgrade the SSD in your MacBook Pro A1398 with Fledging P12!
Apple released the giant MacBook Pro 15.4” A1398 (EMC 2909, EMC 2910) with a mega-sized screen built for heavy use and up to 512GB native SSD storage.
Apple released the giant MacBook Pro 15.4” A1398 (EMC 2512, EMC 2613) with a mega-sized screen built for heavy use and up to 512GB native SSD storage.


Fledging took flight in 2018 on a mission to bring premium electronics to everyone, starting with SSD storage. In 2018, our founder was in the middle of a PhD program when his Mac started dying. His only choices were to sacrifice his Apple experience or spend a ton of money on a newer device. Instead, he invented a premium Mac SSD upgrade, and Feather SSD was born. 


The MacBook Pro 15” A1398 series offers a serious user interface in exchange for some weight (and you probably had to buy a bigger bag). We built our Feather P12 product line to make it even better. In this article, we’ll explain the three main benefits of upgrading your A1398 with Feather P12 by Fledging and how you can buy Feather P12 for your MacBook Pro.


First, Feather P12 is a true SSD upgrade for your MacBook Pro. Like Apple, we've maxed the sequential speeds of the mSATA form factor at 450MB/s Read and Write. But unlike Apple, our SSDs store up to 1 terabyte of data. That’s up to twice as much storage as the OEM SSD that came with your MacBook Pro. And with a newer SSD, your MacBook Pro will perform like new (or better!)


Second, Feather P12 is built to be affordable. By building our own SSD adapter from scratch and partnering with the best-performing and most stable SSD manufacturers, we’re able to sell this SSD upgrade for less than our competition, while giving you better results. Why? That’s Fledging’s mission - “premium electronics for everyone” means “everyone should be able to afford our products”. Feather is typically 10-20% less expensive than other SSDs that perform about as well, while notably outperforming SSDs that are less expensive.


Third, true DIY with everything you need to upgrade your MacBook Pro ships with Feather P12. 

  • We pre-load macOS High Sierra, though you can upgrade to a new OS once installed
  • Feather ships with the tools needed to remove your MacBook Pro's back panel and the SSD mounting screw
  • A detailed instructions booklet ships in every package
  • You can contact us online, at our FAQ, or by emailing [email protected] to connect with Laura, our Customer Success Manager (and real, live human).
  • Upgrading your Apple MacBook Pro's solid state drive SSD involves a lot of moving parts. We're worked hard to simplify all that for you


You came here looking for an SSD upgrade for your MacBook Pro A1398. It’s a nifty MacBook and definitely worth holding on to. We hope it’s clear that Feather P12 is the best SSD upgrade for you. Still not sure? Check out the reviews on our Amazon listing


What's next for you?

Double check your device’s compatibility here using your EMC number.

Buy Feather P12 for MacBook Pro 15" A1398 now at www.fledging.net!  

Not sure how to install? Check out our 2-minute video and see how easy it is and take a peek at our comprehensive support documents. 


Need to upgrade another Mac? Feather by Fledging offers upgrades for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini for storage capacities ranging from 128GB to 2TB.


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