How Will I Know if my drive is Turbo?

So you’ve received your M13 Feather SSD and there’s no way to actually tell if you got the correct Turbo drive you paid for. We’ve heard your woes. Let’s extinguish those frustrations by the end of this post.

Our product process wasn’t perfect. This means some of our Turbo Feathers left the nest without their neon orange sticker indicators.

We’ve replaced this bare neon sticker with a new, branded Fledging red sticker which reads “TURBO”. 

You can locate this sticker on the outside of your box near the label, as well as directly on the SSD. If for any reason you ordered a Turbo drive and there is no sticker on the box or SSD, you can still validate your Turbo drive by the serial number and SKU.

To validate your Turbo Feather SSD when your sticker indicator is missing, email the serial number and SKU along with a quick question to [email protected]. Our team will be able to pull up records to verify the type of drive you received.

Why does this matter?

Any computer compatible with M13-S is also compatible with Turbo... The main difference between Standard and Turbo is performance. At 50% capacity, the Standard drives will slow down in read/write speeds while Turbo will continue to maintain its lightning fast read/write speeds. Because we prioritize customer experience and top performance, we recommend Turbo drives for each compatible drive.