How to Upgrade Feather SSD Firmware

Preparing Your Mac

If you determine your firmware is out of date, there is only one method (with a few steps) to get this updated: with an Apple SSD, performing a full clean-install High Sierra or a newer Mac OS.

  • If your Apple SSD is still working: you can download the new macOS, update your device, create a new backup, and then install Feather
  • If you don’t have a working Apple SSD: we have installation kits available for rent that include an Apple OEM SSD and pre-made USB installer.

You will need the following:

  • 1x Working Apple OEM SSD
  • 1x Feather SSD
  • 1x USB or other external hard drive (8GB+)

Note: The Apple OEM SSD and external hard drive will need to be erased in the upgrade process. Be sure to back up your data before proceeding.

Upgrading Your Firmware

  1. Create a USB installer using Apple Support or one of the below unaffiliated links (note: this will need to be downloaded on the external storage). Customers who rent the installation kit can skip this step.
    1. OSxDaily (Mojave)
    2. Dosdude1 (High Sierra)
    3. Dosdude1 (Mojave)
    4. Dosdude1 (Catalina)
  2. With your Mac off and unplugged, install the Apple SSD internally. Customers already using an Apple SSD can skip this step.
  3. With your Mac still turned off, plug in the external USB installer.
  4. Press ‘POWER’ and immediately hold down ‘OPTION’ until you hear chimes.
  5. This should open up your drive select screen. Choose the USB installer.
  6. Select the “Reinstall your Mac” option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. After installation is complete, eject the USB installer, turn your Mac off, remove the Apple SSD and install your Feather SSD.