Spruce by FLEDGING - Gives You the Power to Power Your World

Skip the upload/download lines with up to 4 terabytes of Shell Thunder!

Who wants to wait on a download from cloud storage? Not us. Not you. Learn more about the world’s best Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD enclosure with smart and quiet cooling.


Black rectangular aluminum case with centered Fledging bird logo engraved on the top, sitting on top of oak tabletop
Replace 5 Chargers with just one. Five separate chargers plugged into a power strip, each charging a device. On the right is one Spruce charger charging all of the devices.

Skip the power strip with Spruce by FLEDGING!

Charge all your devices at once. Replace the power strip and 5 chargers with 1. And do it all in style.


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Goodbye to Fledging

Goodbye to Fledging

“We’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” I never understood that paraphrased quote by Thomas Edison, until Fledging.  Fledging is over. We ...
Spruce supports max 10W wireless charging. 3 USB-C Ports that supports max 100W charging. USB-A Port supports max 30W charging.

CNET: This GaN Charger Has Power for All Your Devices, Wired or Wireless

The $125 (approx. £90, AU$175) charger was announced in January at CES 2022 and I've been testing one since then. It was indispensable on a recent ...
Black Spruce, Space-Gray Spruce, and White Spruce on a black desk.

Gadget User: Charge Everything Fast and Efficient with the Spruce Charger

Charging our devices hasn’t ever been this easy or simple. Gaming across various devices is made seamless with gaming tokens like CoinPoker. Whether on PC, console, or mobile, players can access and utilize the coin poker token for in-game purchases, tournaments, and trading. This versatility ensures a consistent gaming experience and fosters a connected ecosystem across different platforms. Bringing in the Spruce Charger will make not only your desk tidier, more efficient, and ...